Strategic Valuations in Traditional Industries:

While high flying technology companies often garner the headlines, it is the traditional and basic industry companies that produce most of the country’s gross domestic product. Advanced Recycling, a second generation, New England-based, ferrous and non-ferrous recycling company is a prime example. The company prospered to the point that it had secured a profitable niche in a strategic geographical region, thus making it very attractive to large, publicly traded, domestic and foreign prospective acquirers. de Visscher & Co. conducted a privately negotiated merger/sale assignment that allowed the shareholders to liquefy the value that they had built up in the company at a strategic valuation. In addition to putting the Company and the employees in the hands of a well-respected and influential industry participant, the Principal’s remain active in a broad management role with the acquirer. de Visscher & Co. offers the expertise and the contact base with strategic and financial acquirers and investors to enable its clients to realize their shareholder value creation goals.

“The folks at de Visscher & Co. led us through the merger/sale process from the planning stage through execution and the closing process. We had the benefit of choice among both strategic and financial investors which gave us the comfort that we were partnering with the best party for our family business, our employees and our shareholders.”

- Steve Cohen, CEO Advanced Recycling, Inc.

Refinancing to Fund Growth

When growth capital requirements demand more efficient use of bank borrowing capacity, or changes in lending personnel or bank policy warrant a change, de Visscher & Co's knowledge of the capital markets and depth of contacts with lenders of all types can be a valuable resource to closely held business owners. Such was the case for the shareholders of the Cleveland Group, Inc. a premier supplier of electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications construction services. de Visscher & Co. was able to increase Cleveland's total bank availability, lengthen its amortization periods and complete the transaction in just over 60 days.

Successful Family Business Transition

de Visscher & Co. is expert in structuring and implementing complex family, operational and financial transitions for family business owners through a variety of transaction formats, such as internal recapitalizations, private equity infusions, and strategic partnerships.

When Walter and Elaine Ullrich desired to retire from Multiplier Industries Corp., the business they had founded in 1972, they were concerned about their future income and their legacy, having great pride in the company they had built into the top supplier of rechargeable batteries for professional-grade two-way communications.

Multiplier engaged de Visscher & Co. to achieve the shareholders’ objectives. We clarified management’s growth strategy and confidentially generated interest in the company among select private equity and international strategic buyers who could most benefit from the company’s customer base. After careful evaluation of interest from multiple financial and strategic parties, we selected Uniross Batteries Corp. S.A.S of France, who was building a global rechargeable business and for which Multiplier filled a very important need for presence in the U.S. professional market. Uniross provided the Ullrichs with an attractive value for the business and its employees with a bright future.

 “After our forty years building Multiplier Industries Corp. into an industry leader, de Visscher & Co. implemented a complex merger of Multiplier with Uniross. I am delighted with de Visscher’s ability to source competing offers and to structure and negotiate this transaction to achieve our objectives.”

-Walter Ulrich

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