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n continuing de Visscher & Co.’s recognition of outstanding collaboration partners, we are pleased to introduce Dick Albu, of Albu Consulting, a friend and colleague with whom we have had a long and mutually beneficial working relationship. Dick founded Albu Consulting ( in 1994 as a strategy consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, leadership and organizational excellence. His proven planning systems help management teams:

  • Make better decisions with more confidence over the long term
  • Focus resources and eliminate wasted time and money on low priority activities
  • Create an accountability-based culture focused on results
  • Increase collaboration and communication
    among functions
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement with a willingness to change.

Dick has been a “trusted advisor” to many family owned companies at a time when they are most in need of straightforward and insightful advice. Through a collaborative approach, his clients have had success in

securing management buy-in to the challenges ahead and absorbing the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the desired return on investment from their new strategic plans. Albu Consulting’s success in facilitating business planning projects comes from practical operating experience that can be applied across all industries. Dick has worked with privately held, family owned companies and private equity firms in a range of industries.

We at de Visscher & Co. work hard to locate trusted family business advisors like Dick Albu who can assist closely held business with their most important issues and there are none more important than having a well thought out and realistic strategic plan. Please do not hesitate to contact Dick directly at 203-321-2147 or regarding his strategic planning services or general business advice.

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is an independent financial advisor to business owning families and closely held businesses worldwide. Through a unique combination of financial advisory, capital raising and investment banking services the team at de Visscher & Co. creates high value-added solutions to the liquidity needs of shareholders and the capital needs of their businesses. Family Capital Growth Partners (, a private equity fund affiliated with de Visscher & Co., also provides equity and subordinated debt capital to growth-oriented closely held and family-owned businesses.

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