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"We understand the many challenges facing family companies and their owners because we deal with those issues everyday as advisors and as owners."

As a trusted financial advisor to family businesses around the world for over 30 years, de Visscher Advisors assists its clients in developing, analyzing and implementing financial solutions for the liquidity needs of the shareholders, the capital needs of the business or both while designing highly effective family and corporate governance structures to assure the long-term sustainability of the family wealth across generations.

In order to better serve its growing client base of Family Businesses and Family Offices, de Visscher Advisors has expanded its advisory services in recent years.

Through the merger of its investment banking activities with Carter Morse & Goodrich (, de Visscher Advisors has expanded its capabilities of assisting its family business clients in accessing the  capital markets including the institutional debt market, the private equity market, the international strategic market as well as the private family office market.

In merging its family offices direct investment activities with FODIS (, de Visscher Advisors is now better equipped to serve family offices and family holding companies in their direct investments. With databases of 30,000 private companies and 2200 single family offices, and a team of highly skilled consultants, bankers and operators, FODIS acts as an outsourcing arm to its family office clients to identify new direct investments or to recapitalize their existing legacy businesses.

As a senior advisor and partner at Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG) (, Francois helps families and ownership groups design and implement plans for their growth, capital, liquidity, dividends, reinvestment, diversification, and other financial needs in order to build shareholder value over the long-term. CFEG is a global advisory, education, and research organization dedicated to helping enterprising families navigate the new economy and achieve multigenerational success for their families, businesses, family offices, family foundations, and financial wealth.

Finally, Family Capital Partners’ co-investment services, identify and structure investment opportunities for single family offices to partner in operating assets or family businesses with other families. (“Family Investing in Families”).

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Congratulations to François M. de Visscher!
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2022 de Visscher Advisors Scholarship Award Recipient
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We are proud to celebrate ten years of the de Visscher Scholarship Award established in collaboration with the Family Firm Institute Global Education Network.
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“Operating a family business is both challenging and rewarding. We had a stock restriction agreement in place but no real mechanism for shareholders to divest themselves of shares if they so desired.

Recognizing that people are in different places in their lives, we needed to develop a stock redemption policy that would make individual’s shares more liquid, yet remain fair to the company.

With the help of de Visscher & Co. we were able to accomplish in a few short months what we had been ignoring for years. They worked very well with our board; attorney and appraisal firm to develop a plan that not only addressed most of the individual shareholder needs but also those of the business.

Their thoughtful approach was timely and inclusive, but perhaps most importantly, understood by all concerned.”

Thomas Northrop, CEO
Observer Publishing Company

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