Financial Consulting Services

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A trusted financial advisor to our clients.

Serving as a trusted financial advisor to its clients, de Visscher Advisors assists our clients in developing, analyzing and implementing financial solutions for the liquidity needs of the shareholders, the capital needs of the business or both while designing highly effective family and corporate governance structures to assure the long-term sustainability of the family wealth across generations. The proposed solutions to our clients would include internal capital solutions (such as dividend policies, redemptions programs for shareholders and internal recapitalizations to address the divergent needs of the family shareholders) and external capital solutions (such as private equity investments, debt recapitalizations, joint ventures and strategic sales).

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Working with other advisors such as lawyers and accountants, our team also assists trustees and fiduciaries of closely-held businesses in the oversight of family’s operating assets held in trust or in similar fiduciary structures. This service includes valuation, risk analysis and financial strategies for the operating assets held in trust to assure that the sustainability of the family wealth. The outcome of our advice may result in financial diversification of highly concentrated assets or reinvestment in operating assets for highly liquid families. An example would be a large single family office in Cleveland Ohio, whose large wealth was the result of the sale of a radio stations business. The proceeds of the sale were at the time reinvested in fairly opportunistic investments without much long-term strategy. We assisted the trustees and the family office executive in developing an investment policy statement, in valuing the existing assets and reposition the assets to respond to the long-term objectives of the family.

Finally, our team provides business-owning families and single family offices “Total Wealth Advisory Services “resulting in a long-term financial strategy for the liquid, illiquid and intangible wealth of the family. Our unique ability to incorporate all the assets of the family in a comprehensive wealth maximization plan allows the family to assure the stewardship of the wealth across generations. Family values, traditions and relationships are encapsulated into the family governance structure, while the assets supporting the plan continue to create shareholder value for current and future generations. An example of such a plan is a large Latin American family, whose core business was the manufacturing and distributions of tiles and sanitary wear for the Latin American market. Working with the family council, the management and the Board, we developed a plan to diversify some of the liquid assets of the family into a retail “do-it–yourself” business, currently valued at over $1Billion. We also developed liquidity plans for some branches of the family and at the same time reinforced the family governance structures.

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