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de Visscher Advisors' integrated financial advisory services span all of the evolutionary stages of the life of the family company.

Financial Consulting

Serving as a trusted financial advisor to its clients, de Visscher Advisors assists our clients in developing, analyzing and implementing financial solutions for the liquidity needs of the shareholders, the capital needs of the business or both while designing highly effective family and corporate governance structures to assure the long-term sustainability of the family wealth across generations.

Transaction Advisory

When our clients need capital for shareholder liquidity or for the growth of their business, our team has the capability of accessing a variety of capital markets including the institutional debt market, the private equity market, the international strategic market as well as the private family office market through our network of Family Capital Partners.

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Founder Generation


  • Ownership Transfer
  • Balancing Personal Cash Flow with Business Capital Needs

Services We Provide

  • Estate Transfer Planning
  • Business Capital Financing
  • Patient Capital Financing
  • Liquidity Financing

Partnership Generation


  • Dichotomy in Economic Goals of Shareholders
  • Increasing Liquidity Needs of Shareholders
  • Strategic Capital Needs of the Business

Services We Provide

  • Ownership Restructuring
  • Liquidity Financing
  • Growth Capital Financing
  • Patient Capital Financing

Coalition Generation


  • Expanding Capital Needs of the Family Business
  • Transition from Family Ownership to Family Control
  • Ongoing Liquidity Needs of Multiple Minority Shareholders

Services We Provide

  • Global Strategic Capital Sources
  • Restructuring of Ownership and Assets
  • Immediate and Ongoing Shareholder Liquidity Plans

Liquid Generation


  • Corporate Strategic Development
  • Long Term Family Strategy
  • Management of Shareholder Expectations
  • Professional Asset Management

Services We Provide

  • Business Restructuring
  • Corporate Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Diversification Opportunities for Family Wealth