Financing Transitions

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Managing Capital and Liquidity
in the Family Business

by François M. de Visscher, Craig E. Aronoff, Ph.D.
& John L. Ward, Ph.D.

Financing Transitions is a guide to anticipating and managing capital and liquidity needs in your business. Its mission is to help you keep control over decision making, and to keep family control of the business. It presents tools to manage business capital and shareholder liquidity needs, including for the first time the important concept of the "Family Effect" and a new formula for gauging shareholders' expected rate of return. And it describes in detail an array of up-to-date financial solutions for providing liquidity and capital to the family business. This book aims to give the business owner the financial tools and understanding needed to provide future generations the fullest possible opportunity to enjoy the unique benefits of business ownership. This includes not only the chance to create wealth and rewarding careers for family members, but the opportunity to convey to the world at large the family pride, cohesiveness and shared goals and values that are manifested by a healthy family business.

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Family Business and Family Business Consultation

Chapter 20

Managing Wealth, Liquidity, and Growth
in the Global Family Business
by François M. de Visscher